Employees of Nikoil Bank beat the client in front of two infants

XPRESS.AZ May 21, 2019

In the territory of Shuvelan settlement of Khazar region, employees of Nikoil Bank were beat the citizen Zaur Civazade in front of two his infants.

Zaur Civazade said that employee of Nikoil Bank called Tural came to his home with sportsman called Amil and used it forcefully:

"A few years ago, my friend, Elkhan, received a mortgage loan from Nikoil Bank, bought a home in Shuvalan, and now I'm living in that house with my friend's permission because my house is being repaired. On May 16, two bank employees came to my home and forced me out of the house without any court order. I was subjected to physical pressure when I asked them to file a lawsuit, and I was beaten in front of my two little children, one of the children is 2 and the other is 3 years old."

Zaur Civezade said he had complained to the "hotline" 102 "of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to the Khazar District Police Department in connection with the incident.

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