The leader of “REAL” Ilgar Mamedov was summoned to the
Main Police Department of Baku

XPRESS.AZ May 22, 2019

Today the leader of the REAL party, Ilgar Mamedov, was invited to the Chief of the Baku City Police Department (BCPD). He was in the Metropolitan Police for about 20 minutes.

Coming out of the building, Mamedov told reporters that he was with the head of the public security department, Nurulla Mamedhanov.

According to Mamedov, during the meeting, the planned "REAL" events on May 28 on the 101st anniversary of the Azerbaijan People's Republic were touched. Mamedov said that in the near future the Board of "REAL" would discuss the situation and announce its decision.

Earlier, this party announced its decision to lay flowers at the obelisk of the Azerbaijani People"s Republic on Istiglaliyyat Street in the center of Baku.

A year ago, a similar rally "REAL" turned into a very festive procession in the center of Baku, but in the following days a number of party activists were arrested administratively, and dozens were called to the police.

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