Action in front of the Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan

XPRESS.AZ May 22, 2019

A protest rally was held against the detention of Azerbaijani journalist Fuad Abbasov in Moscow with the aim of further deportation took place in front of the Russian Embassy in Baku.

The protesters also condemned the use of violence against a journalist and demanded the punishment of law enforcement officers who committed these actions.

"Fuad Abbasov was detained as a terrorist in Russia, but several days had passed, neither the Foreign Ministry, nor other structures of Azerbaijan responded to this," said one of the protesters, Ramin Hajili.

Police prevented journalists from filming the action and created other obstacles, the participants said.

According to the organizers of the rally, a representative of the embassy went out to the protesters and listened to them.

Asking the request from Turan in connection with the Abbasov case the press service of the Russian embassy in Baku said that the diplomatic mission monitored the development of events, but was recommended to contact the Azerbaijani embassy in Russia for comments.

It was not possible to get comments at the Azerbaijani embassy in Russia and the official bodies of Azerbaijan in Baku.

On May 22, an event in defense of Abbasov was held at the International Diaspora Center in Baku.

According to the lawyer of the journalist Elman Pashayev, Abbasov was detained on May 16 in Moscow. According to the FSB, the permit for temporary residence of Abbasov in Russia was liquidated.

During the arrest, violence was used against Abbasov and may be deported to Baku on 28 May.

At the event, allegations were expressed that Abbasov was detained in Moscow on the order of a certain oligarch of Azerbaijani origin.

They discussed measures to protect the rights of Abbasov.

Journalist Abbasov became known to the general public in 2015 after speaking at a talk show on Russian television channels in connection with a discussion about the destruction of a Russian military aircraft in Turkey.

Abbasov was invited as a correspondent for the Turkish agency İhlas to present the position of Turkey.

Later, Abbasov participated in a talk show on issues relating to Azerbaijan.

Recently, Abbasov criticized some diaspora organizations of Azerbaijanis for insufficiently upholding the interests of compatriots, accused them of collaborating with Armenians and announced the creation of a party of Azerbaijanis in the Russian Federation.

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